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Hospitality Kentucky Style
by Colonel Michael Masters “Kentucky Bourbon Master”
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The Colonel’s family came into Kentucky with Daniel Boone in 1773. The Colonel’s family, Boone’s, Bryan’s, Beall’s and Magruder’s were a part of the family groups that built the initial Kentucky stations and forts at Boonesboro, Bryan’s Station and Lexington. Hospitality Kentucky Style has many stories about the Colonel’s family, humorously told.

Hospitality Kentucky Style is a travel book that showcases the sixty more important Kentucky historic sites. An incredibly talented artist, Natalie Cox, has sketched these historic sites and the Colonel has briefly described them in a way that the reader will never forget them.

Hospitality Kentucky Style is also a cookbook of Kentucky recipes that have been used by the Colonel, his wife, mother and grandmother, recipes that have been used in Kentucky since forever.

“Kentucky Bourbon Master”

“Kentucky Bourbon Master” at the Kentucky Bourbon House

Colonel Michael Masters is the “Kentucky Bourbon Master” at the Kentucky Bourbon House.

The Colonel facilitates Bourbon Tastings and he is the instructor for Bourbon University,

Bourbon Cocktail Mixology and Connoisseur Bourbon Tasting.


When you tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, if you only visit the distilleries you will miss a visit to

the Kentucky Bourbon House, circa 1787, Kentucky’s shine to Bourbon. The historic Kentucky

Bourbon House is a Federalist mansion and it is twenty years older than My Old Kentucky

Home. The high ceiling moldings, the five exquisite fireplace mantels, the poplar and ash

floors and the staircase are of the post-Revolutionary War period.


Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”

When you make your reservation at the Kentucky Bourbon House for a Bourbon Tasting,

Bourbon University, Bourbon Cocktail Mixology or Connoisseur Bourbon Tasting you will meet

Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”.


The Colonel is the author of Hospitality Kentucky Style, Bourbon, Horses and Kentucky

Hospitality and Kentucky Fields, Streams and Rivers. The Colonel has appeared on Paula Deen’s

Food Network show, the Travel Channel several times, the Discovery Channel with Taste of

America and the Fine Living Channel with The Thirsty Traveler.


So many of those touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail have made a reservation at the Kentucky

Bourbon House and met the Colonel. The comment most often heard is that their visit to the

Kentucky Bourbon House and spending time with the Colonel was the highlight of their

Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour.


“When you come to the Kentucky Bourbon House you will have an absolutely unforgettable

Kentucky experience. I look forward to meeting you.”

—Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”